This website was developed by Fábio Pires and Jorge Lopes to assist in consulting information about national rail traffic (Portugal) in real time. The information regarding timetables contained therein is the sole responsibility of Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP). With the visual support of Eugénio Santos and Nelso Silva.

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Train status: to view the status of a train, simply enter its number and date in the form on the homepage. If the train runs on the day the search is being carried out, the user will be presented with a page with all the train data: origin, destination, times at intermediate stations, rolling stock, status (delayed, on time, to depart, canceled, etc.).
Search station: in the option departures and arrivals it is possible for the user to list the trains by station/dependency. To do so, simply enter the name of the station/dependency, choose the date, the start time of the search and choose whether you want to list only departures, only arrivals or all tickets.
Contributions: on the page contributions you will find the list of contributions of rolling stock made by users who decided to contribute.
Rolling Stock: on the page rolling stock it is possible to search the history of a specific motor unit.
Trains: on the page trains it is possible to view the history of a particular train, namely the rolling stock that made it.
Occurrences: on the page occurrences you can view the most significant events that occurred. Furthermore, on the homepage, occurrences related to the current day are also listed.

The users of this site play a very important role in keeping it constantly updated, as they can share the rolling stock associated with a particular train, as well as the sharing of events that occur in national rail traffic. This information sharing is done through the option Contribute.

In order for a user to contribute, he must have a unique, personal and non-transferable code, consisting of 10 characters. This code must be submitted in the form created for this purpose. Once submitted, the user will be able to contribute with the rolling stock or status of the train, by clicking on the "i" that appears on a train page.

To request a code, an email must be sent to info@trainstatus.pt or use our contact form. It is important to mention that it is not necessary to create a user account on the website, so at no time will your personal data be stored on our server (email, etc.). To share information you just need to have a contributor code.

Contribute with Rolling Stock
The platform is formatted to always recognize the 1st set of 4 digits that are entered. So, for example, if the user wants to indicate that the 521 will be carried out with the 5601, he can type "loc 5601" or "LOC 5601" or simply "5601", which the platform recognizes which locomotive it is. If it's multiple "5601 + 5602", for example, it shows the first one, 5601. If it's a rolling stock that only has 3 digits (ALLAN 365 for example), you must always enter a zero before: 0365.

Contribute with Status
When you want to force the platform to return a custom status for a specific train, other than what the IP returns, that status will be associated until you resubmit a custom status with the field blank. If a train is, for example, held up due to a faulty switch, you can submit that status, and turn it off again, as soon as the train resumes running.

Contribute with Photos
If you wish to contribute with a photo of a specific rolling stock, you must do it through Photrain.net. On this site, you must create an account, read the rules for submitting photos and how the site works, and wait for your account to be approved by an administrator. Once approved, you can submit your photos, identifying the motor unit so that it appears on the respective page of the train associated with the defined rolling stock.

Any questions, suggestions or problems that you find, you can contact us through our contact form or through info@trainstatus.pt.